Why clean Pervious?

The idea of cleaning pervious concrete came about while walking through the World Of Concrete show in Las Vegas 6 years ago. When I saw it I thought it was an amazing product with many uses. But the cleaner in me asked what happens when it gets clogged - can it be cleaned? The idea of combining pressure washing with vacuum recovery has been around for many years - take carpet cleaning as an example - high pressure water to loosen the debris and moss that can clog the voids that make pervious unique and then high velocity vacuum to suck it all back out. Leaving a pervious surface that is free to operate the way it was when it was new. Interestingly a lot of times the flow rate is actually better than it was when new. We often clean brand new pervious surfaces before they are handed over to their end user to remove the landscaping remnants and leftover gravel used in the pouring. 

I have used 2 different systems now to clean pervious concrete and asphalt. One I purchased and the other I had built for me custom. As we grow I am designing version 3.0 - I've learned a lot while cleaning, repairing, and using the equipment. The end goal is to be able to manufacture a completely unique system to clients with a environmentally closed loop system - one that cleans and removes the clogging and recycles and reuses the waste water to minimize the footprint we leave. 

Cleaning pervious surfaces is one of the last and biggest problems facing the designers and end users of it. Look up pervious cleaning or maintenance on the internet and you will not find much on the subject. If you have found this website then you are on your way to offering a solution to your location or clients. Please call us for an onsite demonstration or to answer any questions you might have.