TPS Reports.....

So if you get the name of my blog here then you will appreciate that this is my cover sheet.

I had originally planned on leaving my cleaning equipment in the storage unit for another year or so but with my phone ringing and people asking for my services on pervious I have relented. The trailer is out, it is working, and I am cleaning pervious.

Winter time is when owners and manager of pervious applications see whether or not their investment actually performs the way it is supposed to. Something about themselves or employees or even customers having to park in large puddles that aren't supposed to be there. Then there is the call to the person that installed it or the engineer that helped design it or the architect that spec'ed it. Most of the time they don't have an answer.

I have been working this solution from the cleaning side of the industry. I have a background in carpet cleaning vs concrete pouring. if you have a problem with something clogging an area then you loosen it and then suck it up. The trick is in what to do with the waste water when you are done. The EPA considers any water that comes from a pressure washing machine hazardous material the second it hits a surface - therefore you technically can't let it flow into a stormwater drain. (Which is ironic, since on a pervious surface there probably isn't a stormwater drain on site) So the first plan is to use a de-watering bag. after the large debris are removed and the water is run thru a oil/water separator, the water is pumped into the de-watering bag that is placed into the landscaping or even back onto the clean pervious surface and allowed to flow back into the ground.

Eventually the goal is to filter the water to almost drinking level and run it back thru the system - creating an endless loop that will allow us to run for a 12 hour shift without having to stop and clean out the system. Right now as a closed loop system it will only run for 4-6 hours and take 4 hours to clean everything out. That also usually result in breaking something on the trailer.

So for now that is my first blog post on the cleaning of pervious surfaces.

Please feel free to comment and ask questions.